Digitize Your Old Family Memories And Share Them For Generations.

Memory Factory Has Been Preserving Family Memories In South Florida For Over 10 Years.

Film Transfer

Starting at $25

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Tape Transfer

Starting at $15


Photo Scan

Starting at $1

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Audio Transfer

Starting at $15

Preserve Your Memories

Preserving your family memories in South Florida is crucial due to high levels of humidity and heat. Bring all of your old formats such as VHS, photo prints, reels and more and let our experts preserve them.

Cutting Edge Technology

Whether digitizing old videos or reels, or restoring damaged photos, cutting edge technology helps enhance and preserve you family memories at the highest quality.

Digitize Your Family Memories

Digitizing your family memories is the first step.  Take your old family memories and store them in the cloud, on DVD’s or watch them on your computer and share them will family members all over the world.

Digital File

Tired of DVD’s or other physical formats? Digital files are what you are looking for.  Share your memories via email or just show them to friends and family on any mobile device or screen.

Preserve Your Precious Family Memories And Enjoy Them For Years To Come